A Basic Review of a Professional Dental Cleaning

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It’s important to receive a dental cleaning every six months, but many patients feel nervous about visiting the dentist for a checkup. We can help you feel comfortable at the dentist by offering a basic review of the dental cleaning process:

1. Dental X-Rays: When you are first directed to a comfortable dental chair in the back of our office, we may take some X-rays of your teeth, tooth roots and bone structure to evaluate your oral health and determine if dental problems require any dental treatment.

2. Deep cleaning: We use a special tool to clean your teeth that prevents harmful oral health problems such as gum disease and tooth decay by removing plaque.

3. Polishing: To polish your teeth, we use a gritty-feeling substance that leaves your smile bright and clean when rinsed out.

4. Flossing: The lingering plaque and food that is stuck between your teeth, braces or a permanent retainer needs to be removed to keep dental issues at bay, and our team can fully floss your smile.

5. Fluoride treatment: If our dentist determines that your weakened tooth enamel would benefit from fluoride treatment, then at the end of your dental checkup, we can provide a foam, varnish or gel that contains minerals to penetrate the tooth enamel and improve its quality.

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