Common Questions Concerning Dental Anxiety

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Are you familiar with dental anxiety? Dental anxiety is a common condition that arises in children and adults alike in which a person is afraid or has deep concerns about visiting their dentist office. This could be linked to the sounds of unpleasant noises or the idea of somebody working on their teeth and gums. If you find yourself stressing over receiving oral health care treatments, speak with our dentist for appropriate treatments. Listed below are common questions and answers regarding dental anxiety.

What is dental anxiety?
Dental anxiety is an oral health condition that, on the surface, will not damage your teeth but can often lead to increased oral health issues due to fears and concerns about visiting your dentist.

How can speaking with our dentist help prevent dentist anxiety?
It can be helpful to speak with our dentist about dental anxiety, as our dentist can help alleviate any concerns you might have about upcoming oral health care procedures.

What are the benefits of dental anxiety treatments?
Dental anxiety treatments are designed to help lower your stress levels and improve the likelihood you have to visit our dentist when repairs are needed.

What are my options for treating dental anxiety?
If you are suffering from dental anxiety, our dentist may provide you with nitrious oxide or you could bring calming and relaxing music as well as stress-relieving utensils to take your mind off of any tasks at hand. It can also be helpful to count your breaths or visualize yourself in a happy place.

If you are showing symptoms of dental anxiety, call Thomas Hirsch DDS for assistance today. With the expert care of Dr. Thomas Hirsch and our wonderful team at our office in Malibu, California, we can restore your confidence once more. To set up an appointment, call us at 310-456-3363.