At the office of Thomas Hirsch DDS, all of our dental treatments are done with both patient’s comfort in mind and with a dedication to efficiency. Isolite® Systems was founded in 2001 by our very own dentist.

This is the mission statement of Isolite® Systems: Isolite Systems is committed to transcending the limitations of existing dental technology with innovative, ergonomically efficient products that help dental professionals work more productively with less stress and fatigue and better outcomes. Our staff is relentlessly committed to quality and customer satisfaction, striving to make sure our customers realize the full benefits of our unique products.

The line of Isolite Systems products is utilized at every visit to increase the safety of our patients and the effectiveness of our treatments. Isolite Systems are useful in many ways. Isolite Systems can do such things as:

  • Retract the tongue and cheek
  • Protect the airway
  • Keep mouth gently held open
  • Provide in-mouth illumination and suctioning

For learn more about our advanced technology directly from Dr. Thomas Hirsch, please view the video below:

You may call us at 310-456-3363 to learn more about our caring dentistry in Malibu, California.